China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association, the 11th regional group exhibitors reported



      9:30, the official opening of the exhibition opening ceremony, industry leaders, experts and many other important guests to the scene. Mr. Zhu Xincun, director of China Entertainment Technology Association, made an opening speech first and other important guests congratulated the opening of the exhibition. It rained lightly under the weather and still can not stop the enthusiasm of our exhibitors and professional audiences. We witnessed this important moment together in the rain.



 The scene of the exhibition gathered together, the members from the eleven regional groups are basically the manufacturer, to create and manufacture in Guangdong to participate in the exhibition, with their own unique new products, many are starting, shine at the show, Create the most stunning visual feast, so that the professional audience refreshing.


   At 3:00 p.m. on June 3, 2017, some entrepreneurs from the 11th Regional Group of China Association for Performing Arts Equipment visited the booth of some exhibitors in the group leader Liang Zhiyuan and visited the latest technologies and products.

     The following is a partial view of some of the booth photo:


Pearl River Light booth


Rui Feng booth


Hao Yang booth

Hung Choi booth