Exhibition date: July 26-28, 2019

 Exhibition date: July 26-28, 2019
Exhibition location: to be determined
Exhibition cycle: one year
Organizer: Guangdong Performing Arts Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce
Exhibition Overview: 2019 Chengdu International Music (Performance) Facilities and Equipment Expo was hosted by the Guangdong Performing Arts Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce, co-organized by the Chengdu Music Industry Promotion Association and Guangzhou High Efficiency Exhibition Co., Ltd. As an international music fair covering the entire industry chain of the music industry, the exhibition brings together exhibitors from domestic and foreign music-related entities, Internet music, music education, musical instruments, audio, lighting and peripheral products. The exhibition includes music. Industrial innovation and technology, creation of works, comprehensive effect display of works, stage presentation, etc. With the policy support and favorable resources provided by the Sichuan and Chengdu governments, the company has established a professional trade and exhibition platform for relevant industries in the southwest region, bringing new development ideas, and broadening the development channels and opening up for local industry enterprises in Guangdong. The Southwest market offers opportunities for development.
Exhibition website: www.getshow.com.cn