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Aluminum Truss Ball


Aluminum Truss Ball

Product No.:2018

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 Aluminum Truss Ball
Several good ideas about it:
1.It is consisted of lots of hexagons and pentagons ,using special 3 ways corner to connect them.
2.Doors on the top and bottom,as well as the side of the ball.fixted or not as your request.
3.There are 3 circle bars inside the ball to support.It also can install motor to let it rotate.
Several advantages as follow:
1.Many kinds of lights can be installed on the truss ball surface.Such as moving head light,led light and led screen ect.
2.It can be used in pubs,concerts,events and big shows.
3.It is easy to transport and be storaged.Its design is simple and be autiful,in addition it is easy to install,structural stability.

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