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How to choose aluminum scaffolding

How to choose aluminum scaffolding

 How to choose aluminum scaffolding?


These years aluminium scaffolds are widely using for different purpose. Such as installation, event preparation, decoration, construction and building. How to choose a practical and suitable scaffold from many scaffold types is very important.


From the economic perspective, buyers are supposed to choose the small size. But from the practical point of view, they should choose a larger length, width and height with wheels, therefore the scaffold platform above is more spacious and moves more smoothly.


The new portable scaffolding with wheels nowadays used can be easily to move, assemble and disassemble, even if the size is large, it can also be disassembled to meet the construction needs, which is very flexible.


The key to choosing a suitable size of scaffolding is to fully understand the site where a scaffold should be needed and its handling route.


If the scaffold that could have been pushed by wheels and it needs to move from one place to another position, while as a scaffold buyer you have not taken the elevator and the size of the door opening under consideration in advance, and the mobile scaffold has to be rejected, that is too sad!


Normally, The aluminum scaffolding contains the following dimensions.


Length: 2 / 2.5 / 3 meters

Width: 0.75 / 1.35 meters

Height: 2-40 meters

2.Ladder style

Climb Ladder, 45°Diagonal Step Stair, 75°Hang Step Stair


From these data you can customize your scaffold regarding the circumstances you shall meet in usage. Also, you can find any scaffold supply nearby through internet, and ask scaffold rental company to give you a logical solution upon your requirements.


Have you encountered such a situation? Taking a ladder to work on a working site, but found that the scaffold couldn't get into the truck or small van or take much time to install. At that time, you can consider our company's folding scaffold. It is slim and flexible, foldable and the length and width are 0.68 * 1.4 meters.


If you got an order to install a hotel auditorium, the aluminum scaffold tower is as high as 15 meters, how to make sure the safety for the scaffolding? That many scaffold companies headache.


At this time, you have to consider building an auxiliary frame, which is used to support the main scaffold frame specifically.


If you are working outdoors, you will need to use outriggers for scaffolding to prevent displacement.Otherwise, if the worker at scaffold boards with a height of 15 meters, if there is any wind and grass, they will "sway" at high altitude causing a hidden scaffolding safety problems.


While, for other special circumstances,if there are bumps on the ground or in the sky, then you should consider customizing a floating platform or bump scaffolding, bridge scaffolding.


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