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IX Technology upgrades Taiwan’s SET TV

IX Technology upgrades Taiwan’s SET TV

 IX Technology Ltd has upgraded more than 10 studios at SET TV in Taipei in addition to a further four to five studios off the main site over the past several years. The company replaced the broadcaster’s existing intercom systems with Clear-Com Eclipse and Eclipse HX digital matrix solutions in 2011 and has returned each year to expand the systems in line with the broadcaster's increasing requirements. The latest installation has seen a further expansion with Clear-Com Eclipse Omega, a modular upgrade increasing the number of ports to 176. IX Technology Ltd designed, supplied and installed everything – a complete turnkey solution.

     ‘We contacted Clear-Com’s dealer in Taiwan, IX Technology,’ explained SET TV’s Kelvin Fu. ‘They have 30 years of experience in sales of Clear-Com equipment, strong design and planning capabilities and the ability to integrate various peripheral related systems. The most important thing is that they have good after-service support and training for our engineers.’
A Broaman fibre network is also being installed into each studio, as they are not currently networked. ‘We now feel that Broaman fibre optic technology is relatively easy to install,’ confirmed IX Technology general manager, Paul Chang. ‘However, it did take us a couple of years to learn all about it before we felt confident enough in persuading our clients to utilise it.’

In addition, Studer Vista X and Vista Y consoles have been installed into all the studios. ‘We’ve been using Clear-Com for many years,’ added Mr Chang. ‘As part of the ongoing works, we had to upgrade the chips in the panels in order that SET TV could use Eclipse. Now we are upgrading to HX, all the frames need to be changed
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