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hot sales layher truss


hot sales layher truss

Product No.:2018419173242

Place of Origin:Guangzhou,Guangdong,China (Mainland)


Main Tube:Φ48x3mm

Usage:big outdoor shows and events. stadiums, theatres, exhibition hall, stadium grandstand awning,

Payment Way:By TT or western union,cash, Alibaba credit

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  Sound Truss Frame Layer Truss

 Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower


1.Layer truss consist of pillar ,horizontal pipe,diagonal pipe,adjustable base,joint pipe.

2.Its construction is simple,easy to use, credibility and economy cost .

3.Surface process:hot zinc galvanization or cold zinc galvanization.

4.It usually used in big outdoor shows and events.  stadiums, theatres, exhibition hall,  stadium grandstand awning,  two-way rain big column grid frame structure workshop, and other buildings from the roof.



part name lengh section
LR01 pillar 2m 48*3mm
LR02 horizontal pipe 2m 48*3mm
LR03 diagonal pipe 2.4m 48*2mm
LR04 adjustable base 250mm  



Accessories  for reference:






Layer truss is also called combined truss and consists of the horizontal pole, the vertical pole, the diagonal pipe and the adjustable base. It's very convenient and flexible to assemble .It is widely used for hanging audio device ,face lightings,side lightings and huge adverrisment. 

Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower














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